Yasmin Bawa is a fashion and product designer currently based in Berlin.


Her current work ‘Species of the Space’ focuses on design in terms of objects in a series. Drawing on careful observation of the topology of space she works sculpturally to explore form, material, texture and colour.  The project is about a careful analysis of the user and object as equal entities. The species within each series should move us to reflect on what it means to experience a sense of place. Maintaining that the user’s needs are the essence of design, she broaden the definition to incorporate poetic and emotional needs, exploring the potential of interiors to promote a further sense of feeling, opening the boundaries of perceived space. 

Rather than a pressure for permanence, the species encourage a relationship with the user. Instead of being placed in the corner and forgotten about, they promote communication through shared routines, habits and intimate moments.











Press:       It's Nice that.       HYPEBEAST.        1883 Magazine.      Style Salvage.


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