All pieces have been sealed to give the best possible endurance, however, the hempcrete being a naturally porous material, these sealants are not indestructible. The pieces will naturally age and patina over time, we see this as the beauty of the material and hope you do to.


Liquid spills (including red wine, coffee or anything acidic) should be wiped up straight away. The sealants are there to act as a buffer however anything acidic that is not wiped up within a reasonable time-frame may eat through the sealant and leave a mark.


General cleaning should be done with a warm damp cloth, if needed, mild natural detergent can also be used. Avoid cleaning with overly harsh chemical cleaners or with anything abrasive. Vigorous scrubbing is also not recommended as it can compromise the surface sealant.


When placing heavy items or vases on top of tables surfaces it is recommended to use felt pads or mats to protect from scratching.


If placed in direct sunlight it is best to occasionally rotate both the piece and any objects placed on top of the piece. This will avoid any uneven colour changes due to sunlight.


Take care when moving the pieces, despite hempcrete's strength and durability, if impacted with heavy or hard objects the pieces can chip or crack.

  • Wipe up any liquids asap.

  • Use pads, mats and coasters.

  • Do not use sharp utensils directly onto surfaces. 

  • Avoid high impact knocks along the edges with hard objects.

  • Don’t go regularly crazy cleaning with harsh chemicals.