All pieces are created using a specially developed ‘hempcrete’ made by mixing hemp shiv (the woody stem of the industrial hemp plant) together with a natural lime binder. 


Each piece takes at least 4 weeks to produce in-which includes a minimum of 20 hours handwork and finishing. All pieces are available for custom order with a lead time of 8 weeks.


The base structure of hempcrete is completely hand built and free formed, making each piece custom and unique. The structure is air dried and then rendered with several layer of natural plaster to reach the finished surface. 


Industrial hemp is unmatched as a means of sequestering carbon dioxide and binding it permanently to the materials it is manufactured into. The use of lime instead of cement will save approximately 80% of the CO2 release compared to ordinary cement. It is non-toxic, breathable, durable, eco-friendly and sustainable.


CaCo3 (limestone) goes the full circle from being broken down to carbonation when hempcrete is formed. As the Hempcrete hardens from carbonation, it will eventually petrify the hemp and form limestone. The nature of the material and its processes means it does not require to be fired in a kiln further reducing the embodied energy of each piece. 


The finishes shown use all natural sealants, oils and polishes. Polished surfaces use a Moroccan Tadelakt technique. This technique uses 100% pure olive soap and a river stone to hand polish the surfaces. 


Vessels are watertight without drainage holes. The hempcrete material being vapour-permeable provides the perfect environment for happy plants. A full care guide and information about re-potting plants is available.