Yasmin Bawa is an artist and designer of objects, furniture and spaces. 

Drawing on careful observation of the topology of space she works sculpturally to explore form, material, texture and colour. She seeks to challenge our perception of everyday materials and how we interact with objects.

Her current work is an exploration into hemp-crete, a term for the basic mixture of hemp shiv, clay and lime binder. Together they tell a story of strength, renewability and versatility; fusing traditions of primitive and historical technologies to contemporary ideas for sustainability



Species of the space

Focusing on design in terms of objects in a series, the project is about a careful analysis of the user and object as equal entities.


Rather than a pressure for permanence, the species encourage a relationship with the user. Instead of being placed in the corner and forgotten about, they promote communication through shared routines, habits and intimate moments.

Taking its inspiration from rhizomatic structures, the series focuses on the ability of objects to mutate and adapt to their environment.


Each piece can be turned, rotated and stacked with others to form new structure; soft narratives are created to feed our desire to play, to take apart, to rebuild.