Yasmin Bawa is a Berlin based artist creating sculptures, furniture and interior spaces.

Drawing on careful observation of the topology of space she works sculpturally to explore the use of natural materials and traditional hand building techniques. Her work is created through a slow and layered process that allows space for meditation and reflection. Her sculptural installations create a world that we can enter, where object and user are seen as equal entities. Her forms articulating the voids and contours that exist between the body and its environment.

Her current work is an exploration into hemp lime, a term for the basic mixture of hemp shiv, clay and lime binder. Together they tell a story of strength, renewability and versatility; fusing traditions of primitive and historical technologies to contemporary ideas for sustainability.

Industrial hemp is unmatched as a means of sequestering carbon dioxide and binding it permanently to the materials it is manufactured into.

Already a growing industry for building ecological homes, Yasmin is at the forefront of scaling these manufacturing methods down to be used on a smaller scale.

For orders, commissions and enquiries please email: studio@yasminbawa.com

A catalogue of pieces currently in the studio is available upon request.

In Berlin? You are welcome to visit by appointment the combined work studio and showroom.

Shipping is available across Europe and North America.

For other countries please inquire for further details.

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All pieces are individually handcrafted using specially developed hemp, clay and lime mixture.

Free formed without moulds giving each piece a unique shapes and finish.

Finishes are protected with natural sealants.

Vessels are watertight without drainage holes.