Yasmin Bawa

Yasmin Bawa is a sculptor who drawing on careful observation of the topology of space, works sculpturally to explore the use of natural materials and traditional hand-building techniques. Her work is created through a slow and layered process that allows space for meditation and reflection.

At the forefront of her current exploration is hemp lime, a fusion of hemp shiv, clay, and lime binder, symbolising strength, renewability, and sustainability. Her work not only reflects her artistic vision but also her commitment to eco-friendly practices and mindful consumption.

Yasmin's sculptures embody curves, flowing lines, and organic shapes, celebrating the harmonious coexistence of strength and vulnerability, intricacy and simplicity. Drawing inspiration from her surroundings and diverse interests ranging from mythology to science, Yasmin's art becomes a dialogue with nature, inviting viewers to explore the multifaceted nature of identity and existence.

Having recently took residence in the Ardèche region of southern France she has revitalised an old silk thread factory into her studio. Surrounded by the serene landscape of rivers and mountains, she feels a profound sense of peace and connection as she follows a deep calling to live in nature.

As she embarks on a new body of work inspired by her rural French surroundings, Yasmin remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of her art, combining new materials with hemp and lime in both her sculptures and interior projects. Through her art and lifestyle, Yasmin continues to navigate the ever-shifting landscape of identity and self-discovery while contributing to the dialogue on sustainability and mindful creation.


A catalogue of currently available works, as well as full exhibition catalogues can be sent upon request. 

Interested in a custom piece or have a specific idea in mind? Commissions are welcome on all artworks including tables, podiums, stools, lighting, vessels and mirrors as well as solely sculptural pieces.

Whether it's a unique concept you'd like to see brought to life or a custom order based on one of my previous pieces, I’m here to collaborate with you.

For all enquiries please email  studio@yasminbawa.com

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