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A catalogue of pieces currently in the studio is available upon request.

asagi block 48 copy.png
asagi block 30 copy.png
aar block copy.png
mala stool copy.png
noda block 30 copy.png
Legs block 55.jpg
asagi block 22- name.png
legs block 57 copy.png
wave block.jpg
Legs Block 14 - 2.jpg
Magu block .png
Three Legs table 45.jpg
Zet Block 50.jpg
Ring block 03.jpg
Ring block 02.jpg
Ring block 01.jpg
Curve Block 60.jpg
Form Block 45.jpg
Large block 78.jpg
Legs block 70.jpg
Riz Block 60.JPG
twist block 55.jpg
Large Block 58.jpg
Zet block 70.jpg
Straight Block 54.jpg