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A catalogue of pieces currently in the studio is available upon request.

Organic Vessel 27.JPG
Ring Vessel 38.JPG
Body Vessel 28.jpg
Bubble Vessel 26.jpg
Square Vessel 30.JPG
Organic Vessel 32.jpg
Legs Vessel 40.jpg
Form Vessel 33.jpg
Organic Vessel 23.jpg
Form Vessel 25.jpg
Legs Vessel 27.jpg
Stone Vessel 17.jpg
Turn Vessel 38.jpg
Body Vessel 21.JPG
Turn Vessel 43.jpg
Legs Vessel 21.jpg
Body Vessel 32.JPG
Turn vessel 32.jpg
Body Vessel 54..jpg
Form vessel 46.jpg
Legs vessel 19.jpg
hira vessel copy.png
kali vessel  copy.png
jui vessel 02 copy.png
iro 01 copy.png
asagi vessel copy.png